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Versalis (Eni) is Italy’s largest chemical company and a leader in manufacturing and marketing intermediates, polyethylene, styrenics and elastomers. Over the past few years, it has also focused on bio-based chemistry. The company’s product portfolio reflects the market’s constant evolutions and a global strategy that emphasizes R&D, licensing and international expansion. To meet these goals, Versalis leverages its solid operations, capabilities, wide range of proprietary technologies, far-reaching distribution network and after-sales assistance. As part of Eni’s wider vision, Versalis considers circularity to be a strategic driver to be integrated into processes and products throughout their life cycle, through innovations such as eco-design, feedstock diversification and the recycling of polymers. Versalis has joined several projects and alliances to actively contribute to the ambitious European goal of using more recycled plastic in new products by 2025.

Many of the materials surrounding us derive from polymers: industrial packaging, toys, food containers, car components, cables, sports equipment and materials, to name a few.
Versalis under the trademark Clearflex® supply a range LLDPE types with butene or hexene comonomer for rotomolding; the GAS PHASE tecnology and the narrow molecular weight distribution gives to the final product high performance.

Versalis, thanks to the ISCC PLUS certification, can supply decarbonised and circular products on the market with a new “bio attributed” and “bio-circular attributed” range made from bionaphtha, and “circular attributed” in the case where the raw material is a “recycled oil”, a pyrolysis oil obtained from the chemical recycling process of mixed plastic waste. Bionaphtha will be made available through Versalis’ integration with Eni, which has transformed two refineries into biorefineries, in Venice Porto Marghera and in Gela, guaranteeing the supply of sustainable raw materials from vegetable oils, exhausted food oils or other types of organic waste.
Versalis’ certified products do not differ in their chemical composition and physical-mechanical performance from those made from fossil-based raw materials.

Versalis Spa

Piazza Boldrini, 1
20097 – San Donato Milanese (MI)